Why Saying No Is Important For A Healthy Life

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It’s impossible to say yes to everything without spoiling our own plans and self-priorities. So, by knowing how to say no, you can better choose what to say yes too and when to put yourself first. My quietness is not an invitation to accept all and my shyness isn’t an indicator I’ll go along with what a person suggests. People naively assume that unless you’re boisterous or a loud extrovert, you will be mute enough to agree. She didn’t actually care about me; she was merely looking for individuals in the UK to promote a new line of products, which she gained commission from. Knowing our conversation was created from false transparency left a bitter taste in my mouth; as though I’d consumed After Eights.

why it is important to learn to say no

For those who are particularly empathetic or even nurturing, it’s especially difficult. How can we say no to the people who are depending on us? But we’re sacrificing ourselves, our time and our levels of happiness by always saying yes.

Words Have Power, And Some, Like The Word no Are Like A Double

When I declined the request, I nearly always let my assistant do it for me. The fact that I didn’t have to deliver the bad news myself kept me focused and productive, and it helped preserve relationships. Most people have too much to do and too little time. Saying yes to requests from bosses, teammates, and others can make you feel important but can be a prescription for burnout. It’s aligned with the mission, values, priorities, ground rules, and marching orders from above.

  • Even now they could probably turn a post like this to suit them if they even cared.
  • Still, no one wants to anger or disappoint colleagues or other contacts—or, worse, turn down key career and life opportunities.
  • You can’t say yes to everyone and everything and do all of it well.
  • Saying yes might have far reaching negative effects.
  • Notice their movements and expressions to adapt your speech to ensure that they are having a good time to leave the room as better people.
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Partly this reflects their distress at not getting what they want, but they also want to see if they can get you to give in. Even for parents who, for whatever reason, do everything they can to avoid saying no to their kids, there will inevitably come a point when they want to and must impose limits. This will be a new form of hell for all involved. When your children are accustomed to being overindulged, not getting whatever they want inevitably feels to them like deprivation. For many parents, it’s consistently enticing to say yes to their children’s wishes—particularly if they can afford to gratify those wishes, but often even if they really can’t.

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Never disregard professional psychological or medical advice nor delay in seeking professional advice or treatment because of something you have read on GoodTherapy. It’s important to understand that you are not responsible for the reactions of others when you do decide to say no. We fear we will be disappointing or letting down the people who are depending on us. We’re afraid that if we start saying no, then people will look at us differently, maybe even not like us as much.

When you’re clear and firm about you will and won’t do, people actually respect you more. They may be unhappy with you, but they’ll respect you. We can get so used to saying yes and pleasing others that we don’t even know what we want, or what our needs are.

If waltzing up-and-down shops for clothes for the fussiest person to adorn causes me boredom and frustration, I’m perfectly fine suggesting they seek another shopping partner. Whether “users” or genuine, do you want to spend time doing a task you dread? Does life not already give us too many of those assignments?

Yes, you’re married to your life partner and you love him very much, but you’re not obligated to be the subject of his whim every time. In today’s fast-paced and caffeine-driven world, it seems like the need to say no is absent in most people. You can’t say no because people will look at you with judging eyes.