Possible Reasons For Unknown Sadness

Other than crying spells, PMS can cause you to feel depressed, tense, anxious, or crabby. You may also have mood swings, trouble focusing, and angry outbursts. Physical symptoms can include breast tenderness, tiredness, headaches, bloating, hunger, digestive problems, and aches and pains. These changes are thought to be linked to hormonal changes that occur during your menstrual cycle. Your stressful lifestyle may be to blame if you find yourself crying for no reason.

Our website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Group therapy can help you see that others are going through the same thing and help you feel less alone since it’s normal to feel isolated or different when you’re depressed. There are a number of different treatment options available for depression. Your specific treatment plan will depend on your diagnosis and the severity of your symptoms.

The first three points are likely causing you to feel overwhelmed at times . The latter two are the probable results and are signs that the demands on you outstrip your resources. Then be sure to scroll down to discover if you’re suffering from one or more of the twelf more unusual reasons. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve become somewhat fearful of that feeling that’s likely to creep up on you out of the blue.

Is Depression Caused By Hormones, Lifestyle, Expectations, Or All Of The Above?

Any hormonal imbalance or extra sensitivity to hormonal changes can cause a change in your emotions. Trauma is a response to experiencing a terrible event that causes physical, emotional, or psychological harm. If you’re feeling especially stressed, your emotions may be running high. You may be likely to cry more easily, or be unsure why you’re crying in the first place. One 2017 study showed that aerobic exercise had a therapeutic effect on regulating emotions. This finding suggests that if you’re feeling extra emotional, jumping on a treadmill or going for a jog could help alleviate it.

why do i feel sad for no reason

If you feel tempted to tell someone who is depressed to “try harder” or “just snap out of it,” it may be a sign that you are overwhelmed or experiencing burnout. If this happens, it’s important that you pause and take time to reflect on your own feelings. You won’t be able to help someone else until you have taken care of your own emotional needs. Sometimes, you may feel depressed because of a problem you’re in.

What Causes Crying For No Reason?

There is very little scientific research about postcoital dysphoria but experts suggest that physiological release, emotional release, or hormones could be responsible for the reaction. Do you feel weepy, moody, or bloated in the days before you have your period? That’s called premenstrual syndrome , with many women experiencing moodiness in the week or two leading up to their period.

  • Having occasional sadness is a normal and unavoidable part of a human life.
  • It also greatly lessened my morning depression until it vanished entirely.
  • That’s when it’s important to pay attention to that feeling and investigate where it’s coming from.
  • Also, consider keeping track of changing moods and emotions in a journal.

Even they don’t give advice; it’s just nice to talk to someone if you feel sad. Sometimes, if you feel depressive symptoms, it’s nice just to verbalize what you feel. Your friends and family can offer you support when you need it. It’s the best feeling in the world knowing that you’re not alone, and you can talk to someone if you’re feeling down. There may be deep-rooted memories from your childhood or painful emotions you’ve been suppressing that start to lurk in your thoughts. There are many reasons why you can feel sad; it can be a loss, significant life change, heartbreak, financial struggles, or worrying about health.

Treatment Programs For Depression

Research suggests that for some individuals, neurotransmitters may play a role in contributing to mental health disorders. Lack of certain substances in the brain can lead to imbalances in brain chemicals. Antidepressants may be necessary to restore balance. Some of us have brains that are more sensitive to the effects of stress. Researchers are just beginning to uncover the biochemistry behind this differential.

Symptoms don’t always generate further emotions, but they wear you down and reduce your ability to cope with and tolerate an experience. Do you have a critical inner voice constantly judging and criticizing everything you do, especially when things don’t go your way? The inner critic compounds the effect of anything negative in your life by blaming you for it. You may be feeling bad because you’re sitting around brooding about life’s disappointments or trying to find a reason why things aren’t going your way. One negative thought leads to another, and then another—until you get buried in a mountain of problems and negative predictions. This can easily lead to a loss of perspective and motivation, one that can interfere with actually taking action aimed at addressing the problem.

It can affect your mood, too, especially the longer sleep deprivation occurs. Everyone knows what it’s like to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, so it’s not hard to imagine that a lack of sleep can affect your emotional well-being. Unless your emotions are interfering with your day-to-day life, you may just feel things a bit more than others. Or, you might just be feeling extra sensitive today. Emotions are normal, but sometimes after an outburst or a crying session, you may be wondering why you’re feeling so emotional.