Piaget’s 4 Stages Of Development

Trying to find patterns in statistical data can also increase your ability in this area. Having said that, this type of thinking comes more easily to some people. These types have abstraction as their dominant thinking strategy. is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, medical treatment, or therapy. Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified mental health provider with any questions you may have regarding any mental health symptom or medical condition.

the development of concrete and abstract thinking patterns

Abstract thinkers are better with grasping language and communicating, can see what’s not there, and understand concepts that are important to humanity’s development. Most of our modern inventions would not exist if there were no abstract thinking. There are mental disorders that can make a person think more concretely.

Teaching Abstract Concepts To Concrete

As such, you should avoid using words like soon and can instead give specific time periods. It is important to note that individuals can develop abstract thinking to a level and still fail in other aspects of this form of thinking. For example, many individuals can’t understand other figures of speech and would still apply literal meanings to such phrases. Indeed, one popular theory of frontal lobe function maintains that many of the symptoms associated with injury to the frontal lobes can be grouped under the general heading “stimulus-bound”.

This study sheds light on the various strategies to teach mathematics and whether they are employed or not. The study investigates the employed mathematics-teaching strategies in Arab schools in northern Israel, and the hindrances that prevent teachers from applying diverse effective strategies in their classrooms. The results of the interviews showed that technology is rarely employed in teaching mathematics – if ever, as well as innovative and modern strategies. The study concludes that the heavy burden of teaching mathematics should be lightened to allow space for creativity in teaching strategies, as they need more time to be employed.

An inductive-deductive approach was employed for this purpose. The review also sought to examine the effectiveness of video broadcast to support instructional delivery. The reviewer made some brief recommendations about the development of a technology-use policy intended to deploy educationally-appropriate modern technology to support the learning of primary school students. There are other theories that account for difficulty with abstract thinking after TBI. However, most investigators agree that these difficulties are common and need to be attended to in rehabilitation and special education.

Multiple practice opportunities also assist students to begin to “internalize” the particular problem-solving process. Additionally, students’ concrete understanding of the concept/skill is reinforced because of the similarity of their drawings to the manipulatives they used previously at the concrete level. One of the most important uses of manipulatives in a classroom is to aid a learner to make connection from tangible concrete object to its abstraction. We provide an example and a model, with specific steps of how teacher educators can effectively demonstrate connections between concrete objects and abstract math concepts. In previous developmental stages it is very difficult to persuade a child to deduce the consequences of a fact that he/she considers to be false. Abstraction in the general sense does occur in the course of all development, as illustrated by the concept of reflective abstraction.

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To assimilate an object into an existing mental schema, one first needs to take into account or accommodate to the particularities of this object to a certain extent. Another example is an employee who can complete a task but struggles with the theories behind their work. For someone who thinks in a concrete way, abstract ideas or bases for actions may feel inaccessible. Abstract analysis typically forms the basis of higher thought. Someone who struggles with this may misunderstand the policies behind procedures.

  • We suggest a functional contextualist approach to mastery learning achieves this aim.
  • Her abstractions allowed her to play with numbers in a similar way to the way in which she played with other things, such as blocks and toys.
  • The child cannot realise and maintain the fact that the same number of marbles could occupy more space.
  • Piaget stages are a set of stages in the human development process that occurs in time.

These actions will later become voluntary when they learn to use them in a communicative manner. However, the parents are able to understand a cry or a smile from their baby, making it an unintentional form of communication. At about 6 months, the baby will learn to babble and make consonant-vocal sounds like “da da da”. This developmental stage is characterized by how the child understands the world, bringing together sensory experience with the physical activity. For additional support in understanding how concrete thinking affects you, your relationships, and even your job, you might want to seek an in-person or online counselor.

It looks for new relationships and associations to describe and interpret the nature of things, events and situations. Here the individual himself usually formulates the evidences and tools for its solution. In this type, thinking processes take all the relevant facts arranged in a logical order into an account in order to arrive at a solution of the problem.