Exactly What To Know Before Your First Therapy Session

Instead, take a short walk or grab a coffee and sit in a cafe to ponder. You can reserve some time later that day, that evening or in the following few days. There’s no shame in asking questions about billing, scheduling or insurance. Make a list of these questions ahead of time and get them over with at the start of your session or request time near the end to go over them with your therapist. It’s a good idea to schedule some time for yourself before the start of your session, especially if you’re nervous about the appointment. Turn off your cellphone and put away your work to allow yourself to just sit with your feelings.

what should you expect in your first therapy session

Many therapists will view the first therapy session as an evaluation period. The goal here is to get to know one another better and to see if you are a good fit. Once you go into the office and have a chance to get seated, there will often be paperwork to complete.

Heres What To Expect From Your First Emdr Treatment

We hope that you have booked an appointment for your online or telehealth therapy session and are already feeling pumped up to begin the journey of self-discovery, healing, and more. This low-impact magnetic stimulation activates neurons inside the brain, relieving symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. During EMDR, you’ll be asked to focus on a specific negative event. As you do, the EMDR therapist will begin a set of side-to-side eye movements, sounds, or taps. Focusing on the traumatic event while experiencing bilateral stimulation forces your eyes to move back and forth rapidly, which allows your brain to reprocess the trauma.

Anyone looking to address specific patterns, like an eating disorder or insomnia, should consider a specialist, which I also looked into. The differences in psychologists boil down to training, education and therapy style. This can be tricky to navigate, and there are dozens of formats to try. If you are in a crisis or any other person may be in danger – don’t use this site. You want to find the proper balance of cost savings and services.

  • During that first therapy session, the therapist is going to want to get a good understanding of who you are.
  • The therapist may also want to know your expectations from the process to offer holistic treatment.
  • As such, if you have a complicated history or fear you’ll struggle to think clearly in the moment, jotting some notes down ahead of time may be helpful.

If you’re looking for a counselor or therapist near you, consider working with a mental health counselor at Thriveworks. Our counselors have the necessary skills, training, and experience it takes to help you find greater happiness or success. The following process should be semi-consistent among therapists but may vary a bit based on numerous factors such as their training, theoretical orientation, and general professional preferences.

What Can You Expect For Your First Couples Therapy Session?

Taking the first step on a new path to improved mental health can be scary. Getting through the first appointment may be one of the hardest parts of starting therapy. However, by taking everything one step at a time and communicating openly about your goals with your therapist, you can set yourself up for the best possible experience. Did you feel like the two of you could work together over a long-term time frame? If your therapist tries to give you a diagnosis in the first session or makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason, it might be a good idea to find someone else.

Different therapists will require a different level of family involvement for children under 14 – this may also depend on the presenting issue. For example, after an initial assessment, we may recommend a systemic approach, versus one that is focused on the child. Each statement the person in therapy makes leads to many other questions.

Use This Easy To Remember Cbt Mind Routine To Stop Unwanted Thoughts

Your therapist should neither avoid exploring your difficult feelings or push you to talk about difficult feelings or memories against your wishes. Your therapist should not frequently miss, cancel or show up late to appointments. A written screening may form part of the paperwork involved. Additionally, some practitioners may insist on a screening phone call, which can be helpful and reassuring, to both parties, especially if seen online for the first appointment.